Healthcare and Life Sciences


Expert IT services for Health Care Industry

Some engagements of Ernstaa with Health information solution providers, Hospitals, Healthcare technology organizations and Pharma companies are as follows:

  • Developed highly customized Health Information Exchange System to make healthcare data available across the healthcare providers to help in strategic decisions and meet the health care industry standards.
  • Product Engineering Partner for a large Healthcare Provider for development of Medical Reporting Solution to gather information from various Cerner database tables according to the specifications and also to optimize the report performance.
  • Designed and developed an Electronic Medical Record (EMR) Database to make fast, accurate, and efficient medical charts required for documenting patient visits and to use Dragon Naturally Speaking voice dictation software for making entry of patient information using voice recognition.
  • Developed a Fitness Collaboration Platform, with both web interface as well as mobile apps, where in various health professionals and customers can connect with each other and share their experiences.
  • Developed a Health Monitor App that track various aspects of health, monitor health status and history, set goals, participate in challenges, earn Champion Rewards Points, achievements and much more. The dashboards contain responsive pie chart to show user progress.
  • Fitness Trainer app developed for a key healthcare client that allows the trainers to create exercise sessions to train on day to day basis. Trainers and trainees can book appointment amongst each other. The app also provides a wide range of exercises along with learning videos.
  • 24/7 Support and maintenance for a major Healthcare Provider to provide technical and infrastructure support to various users.